BC Comix
Brindi goes home. July 9, 2010: After 751 days of impoundment, Brindi is released to go home with Francesca. Congrats and kudos for staying by Brindi's side all this time. A truer friend no one ever had...
Brindi's owner found guilty of animal bylaw charges February 23, 2010: Brindi's owner found guilty of animal bylaw charges.
Deputy Mayor David Hendsbee Oct. 6, 2009: at HRM Council session, Deputy Mayor David Hendsbee presents petition to release Brindi, signed by 250 HRM residents, sponsored by Humane Halifax.
Birthday cakes  May 23, 2009: On a beautiful spring day, Humane Halifax holds a birthday party for Brindi and Francesca at the North Common, central Halifax.

Two cakes are on hand, one for humans, one for dogs. People are offered cake and handouts about the case. A big success!
   April, 2009: Humane Halifax forms, with 25 members.